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Kimberly has a background in Biological Sciences and spent a number of years in Cape Town, South Africa, working as a photographer often alongside documentary film productions. In 2010 Kimberly judged Wildlife Reality TV show, Big 5 Challenge (series 2), which featured on Animal Planet. Passionate about the Ocean, she was involved in the photography of Big Wave Surfers off Cape Town, and in 2010 won Raw Courage Award for best image of the biggest wave surfed in South Africa that year. The photograph was published globally.

Later in 2011 Kimberly produced and directed her first short film out at sea photographing Great White Sharks, Night Breach. The team worked together to capture unusual seal-hunting behaviour under cover of darkness. Night Breach was later selected for the Rotterdam Wildlife Film Festival and The Online Film Festival. However shortly after filming she developed serious health set backs and had to retire from her career.

Returning to the UK, she continued to work as a volunteer on multiple environmental projects, eventually building her own beach clean community, The Beach Clean Brigade, and now volunteers as a Representative for Surfers Against Sewage, a British-based Ocean charity.

She later worked as a researcher for former BBC producer and conservation film maker Richard Brock – founder of the Brock Initiative. She has worked with Brock over a number of years, but it was a real opportunity to spend time with such an inspiring film maker and help him launch his environmental series of 50 films depicting change, called Winners & Losers.

In 2016, Kimberly was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, yet still unable to work due to treatment, she used this opportunity to expand her business skills and helped a former colleague build a handmade silver business, Selkie Jewellery, inspired by the oceans whilst giving back to Ocean charities in the UK. The co-founders were featured in Coast magazine January 2017.

Now on the mend, Kimberly is rebuilding her career in the Wildlife film industry and has collaborated with former BBC commissioner to create films that make a difference. She also writes and plays the violin.

For more information please contact fulmarfilms@gmail.com

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