Kimi Stewart



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Kimi has a background in Biological Sciences and spent a number of years in Cape Town, South Africa, working as a photographer often alongside documentary film productions. In 2010 Kimberly judged Wildlife Reality TV show, which featured on Animal Planet. Passionate about the Ocean, she was involved in the photography of Big Wave Surfers off Cape Town, and in 2010 won Raw Courage Award for best image of the biggest wave surfed in South Africa that year. The photograph was published globally.

Later in 2011 Kimberly produced her first short film out at sea photographing Great White Sharks, Night Breach. The team worked together to capture unusual seal-hunting behaviour under cover of darkness. Night Breach was later selected by the Rotterdam Wildlife Film Festival and The Online Film Festival in 2014. 

Kimi continues to work in the field of wildlife filmmaking, specialising in research and writing.

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